Samir Shah (Chairman & MD)

Mr. Samir Shah is the founder of Shangar Decor Ltd. & he is the founder of the Gujarat Decor Association. He instills an ideas-focused culture that drives the company to create extraordinary work that transforms client brands and business.

Mr. Samir Shah’s passion to develop experiences that create emotional connections and strengthen relationships between brands and people further pushes the team to innovate in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. It is this passion that has fueled a professional approach towards each client and hence he not only embodies but also defines industry best practices, trends, and thought leadership to his employees and the members of the association.

Founding Member & Trustee of Gujarat Mandap Decorators Hirers & Electricals Association

Founding Member & Current Patron of Ahmedabad Decorators Hirers & Electrical Association

“I want to foster an ideas-led culture that helps our clients build the world’s most talked about experience brands.”

Moulin Shah (Director)

Mr. Moulin Shah, a director at Shangar Decor Limited believes that Shangar Decor Ltd. is the architect of audience engagement, where in we design, create and touch every aspect of even and communication to build an immersive experience and we do all that with a single purpose – 

To Maximize The Impact Of Audience Engagement By Adding Value To Every Dollar That The Client Is Willing To Spend On Our Services

President – Ahmedabad Decorators Hirers & Electrical Association – Youth Wing

“I Have A Simple Thumb Rule: Spend Our Clients’ Money As If It Were Our Own”

Saumil Shah (Director)

With over 18+ years of experience, Mr. Saumil Shah is data obsessive with a true passion for planning and delivering seamlessly executed events. 

Mr. Saumil Shah has a natural eye for detail and exceptional budget management skills &  is a meticulous planner who brings positivity, energy and integrity to each and every event.

“The white space is where our clients need us to go.  The questions may always change, but so should our answers.”

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!