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Wedding – the holy communion of two soulmates definitely needs to be a grand affair. This is why we at Shangar Decors bring to you exclusive wedding themes to provide a customised experience for your special day. You can either select from a variety of themes on offer or suggest any theme that you would like to have to make your wedding day an event of a lifetime. We believe that with our expertise and experience you’ll get nothing but the best to make every moment of your D Day memorable. Take a look at our work to get a better idea:


No Indian wedding is complete without numerous pre-wedding functions such as – Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, Garba, Haldi and the likes. All these functions add to the wedding fun and frolics for everyone be it the bride’s family or the groom’s family. For making the most of your pre-wedding functions, approach us and we will provide you the best possible services for all the pre-wedding events that will remain in the memories of your friends and relatives in the years to come. Go through the following samples of our pre-wedding services:


Crack the best deals, expand your network and make a long lasting impression on your clients by using our services for oyur Corporate events. Since we have worked on a number of corporate events in the past, we know their importance and hence, we are capable of providing the best services for all sorts of corporate events, business meets and celebrations for all large, small and medium corporate. Here are some of our works on display:


Shangar Decor is well prepared for providing top-class services for various religious events and activities. For instance, you can hire our expertise for ‘Naming Ceremony’, ‘Yagnas’, ‘Vastu’ or any other kind of events related to your religion. Sit back and relax and watch us take care of everything small and large. To know more, go through the images given:


What type of light you use, makes a huge impact on your guests at various events be it a family get together, a corporate event, birthdays or wedding events. This is why we provide a special service categorized as ‘Lights Decor’, where we provide the best decoration using various kinds of light that catch the attention of one and all attending the events. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, have a look at our work:


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  • Sweet Corn Mushroom Soup
  • Lemon Strawberry Soup
  • Cream of Spinach Soup’
  • Tomato Chinese Soup
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